When Julien and Jeremy travelled to New York, it wasn’t the huge buildings in Times Square or the atypical Central Park that captured their attention... no, instead, it was those funny little shuttles that they saw crossing the city headed to the airport. Shuttles are economical, practical, and comfortable, so Julien and Jeremy decided to test the shuttle and felt in love with this idea.

So they seized the opportunity to bring this concept to Marseille! The Mediterranean, the Vieux Port, MuCEM, the Stade Vélodrome, etc. There are so many elements that make this city dynamic and attractive (especially since it was the European Capital of Culture for 2013!) Tourists now come here in droves and to facilitate their arrival, what's better than a shuttle waiting for them at Marseille Provence Airport?

And here in February 2014, they launched the creation of MP Shuttle, and renamed it HELLO SHUTTLE in June 2015! Joined by their friend Fabien, they cover all the bases: business people, in charge of customer service, responsible for logistics during the day and drivers at night!

Their goals: Saving time for professionals on business trips, facilitating the arrival of tourists in Marseille, and especially helping the people of Marseille avoid complicating things while organizing their trips! In the shuttles, everything has been designed to bring maximum comfort to customers, like providing bottled water, phone chargers in the shuttle and access to Wi-Fi.

“They didn’t know it was impossible, so they did it!” - Mark Twain

See you soon on one of our shuttles! ;-)

HELLO SHUTTLE is committed!


    No unfortunate surprises, no matter how long the trip is.

  • Impeccable quality

    Complete service for a totally peaceful trip.

  • Total flexibility

    No surprises! In case of a flight change or delay, we adapt to your arrival time, and we do this without any intervention on your part.

  • Eco-friendly

    Sharing transportation allows us to preserve our planet, while reducing CO2 emissions and our carbon footprint.